Sinclairville Library to hold holiday open house

An Open House with refreshments, a silent auction and a 7 p.m. entertainment with the CVCS Valley Minstrels will take place on Thursday, Dec. 5 at the Sinclairville Free Library.

The silent auction will be held with the winners being announced at the end of the day on Friday, Dec. 6. On both days, handmade items will be available from the different groups regularly meeting at the library. Those groups will have priority in space availability. Any other local person wanting to sell handmade items should contact the library at 962-5885 for space availability. Books written by local authors will be featured.

Items in the silent auction will be on display on Monday, Dec. 2, and Wednesday, Dec. 4. Also on display at that time will be a quilt and a painting by David Miller. Both will be raffled off later in the month. Among the items for the auction are: dolls, model airplanes, handmade wooden clocks, and other items.

Again this year, a Historical Calendar for 2014 is on sale for $10. This year’s calendar has pictures mainly from Sinclairville and one from Charlotte Center. Many pictures in this calendar are from the collections of Walter Waite. Calendars, available in the library, at the Sinclairville Superette, and from library board members, would be a nice Christmas gift for anyone who grew up in the area.

The Sinclairville Free Library serves the village of Sinclairville, and the towns of Charlotte and Gerry. It is more than a place to borrow reading material; it is a community center with preschool story hours, adults with reading groups, writing groups, fly-tying for anyone over the age of 8, Thursday family game nights, and needlework groups, The library also has a video-conferencing unit available for community use.

For more information, please contact the library at 962-5885.