Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


FLYING FLAMINGOS – Once again, a group of Dunkirk-Fredonia residents headed up north to Buffalo Thursday to participate in the annual Turkey Trot. The several dozen men and women call themselves the “Flying Flamingos” dress as flamingos for the race and raise money for charity. This year’s funds are going to the Kathy Seastedt “Dream On” Fund. Seastedt was a 25-year employee of The Resource Center and the fund goes to people with disabilities by providing them money for urgently needed items or services. Good job to those who participated.

HERO DRIVER – Dunkirk-Fredonia native Tom Ludwiszewski, a bus driver for the Warren Central School District, has been an emergency medical technician for 25 years and is certified in both Pennsylvania and New York. Ludwiszewski had to use his EMT skills earlier this month when a first-grader who is highly allergic to peanuts, smelled peanuts and began to have an allergic reaction. She was having trouble breathing and was showing signs of anaphylactic shock. He had the student who was eating the snack put the food away, called 911, and got help from the school nurse. Had he not been paying attention to the young child, the results could have been disastrous.

SWIMMING FOR FUNDS – The Hammerhead Swim Club recently held its second “Going the mile” fundraiser event at Dunkirk High School. The event was held to raise funds for 14-year-old team member Sean Brown of Fredonia, who lives with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The club and their coaches swam about 32 miles and raised $1,488. Three female members – Brooke D’Agostino, Jane Fortna and Julia Fortna, went above and beyond the rest of the team, swimming two miles each. Good job to those who participated and for those who donated to the worthy cause.


GOWANDA SCHOOL BOARD POLICY – The Gowanda School Board of Education recently failed to give its support for the creekside walk project. Before the vote, residents attended the meeting to share their opinions. However, because of board policy only three people were allowed to speak on the matter and were limited to three minutes each. We believe this is a bad policy that needs to be changed. Limiting people to speak to three minutes on a topic is one thing, however only allowing three people to speak on a topic is wrong. Let the voting public have its say. Residents vote in the board members and pay the salaries of the school employees. They should at least be given the courtesy to be permitted to speak at a board meeting, even if three others have spoken on the same topic.