RO Foundation still going strong in its third year

The RO Foundation was founded in 2010 By Joe Russo and Maggie Owen. Since that time, many families have been helped in the community with gas cards and Visa gift cards to assist with transportation, food and lodging expenses, and have also given to different charities through its fundraising efforts.

In the past, recipients have included Relay For Life, Huntington’s Foundation, the Cholangocarcinoma Foundation, and this year the RO Foundation will donate to the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry, Inc. The board members choose a charity they have a connection with, and Trish DeJoe chose CCRM.

DeJoe explained, “My family donated to Rural Ministry in the past and I feel we should keep our contributions in our community and help those who live locally. The Rural Ministry has done a great job with the assets they have.”

Upon receiving the significant contribution, CCRM Executive Director Kathleen G. Peterson said, “What a blessing this gift is to those we serve. It will definitely help out many families during the holiday season and beyond.”

CCRM operates an emergency food pantry, soup kitchen, emergency shelter, furniture gallery, garment gallery and several other programs to help meet the needs in the community. Anyone wishing to volunteer or support the agency in other ways can stop down at the offices located at 127 Central Ave., or call 366-1787. CCRM is a United Way community partner and is a recipient of funding through the New York State Department of Health’s Division of Nutrition Hunger Prevention and Nutritional Assistance Program.