Winter parking hours to be heeded in Brocton

BROCTON – With snow hitting the streets, Brocton officials remind drivers to be conscious of winter parking hours and to adhere to off- street parking in the village between 2 and 6 a.m. so streets crews can safely clear snow out of the way.

During Wednesday’s meeting of the Brocton Village Board, Trustee Gary Planty thanked village crews for all they do in keeping the village safe and maintained during inclement weather. Electric Lineman Joe Majkowski reported that during last week’s high winds, only one outage was reported.

Following his monthly report, Assistant Fire Chief Jim Rizzo Jr. thanked Mayor Dave Hazelton for his involvement as a village administrator in the fire department, and noted that a few new volunteers are actively enrolled in Emer-gency Medical Technician School.

In other matters, Trustee Planty also noted that his meeting with Village of Westfield Recreation Department personnel will take place in January to discuss ideas for the next season’s program.

Trustee Dale Van Vlack reported a positive audit of the Village Justice Office and noted a need for a possible clerk position in Justice Jim Craig’s office. After some discussion, board members agreed to investigate ideas such as shared services or posting a position that would be paid out of the justice’s budget line.

The mayor also reported to the rest of the board that he and Deputy Mayor and Trustee J. Dale Abram attended the most recent meetings of the Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corporation and that the village is keeping an open mind to the possibilities that it will bring for water resources.

On a positive note, Mayor Hazelton also gave report about his recent visit with the senior class at Brocton Central School, which yielded an open discussion about issues currently taking place in Brocton.

“The seniors asked some very good questions and are very concerned about some issues taking place in our village. I was very happy to meet with them and hear their opinions, I think we have some very good citizens coming out of this year’s senior class,” noted Hazelton.

Deputy Clerk Julie Planty also announced that Friday has been set for the official lighting of the Hospice Light a Life Tree during a meaningful ceremony that honors survivors and those who have passed from terminal illness. The tree lighting will take place at 6 p.m. in the Village Commons area at Village Hall.

Permission was granted by the board to Tracey McFadden to utilize the gazebo in Ruckman Park on Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. for Brocton first graders and their families to take part in a holiday caroling activity.

The board will meet again on Wednesday at 7 p.m.