Social Security, Medicare not the problem

I am going to comment on the column in the OBSERVER (Nov. 12) headlined “Congressionally duped Americans” by Walter Williams.

Mr. Williams goes into detail why the Social Security program and Medicare are outdated and the calamity that awaits all Americans who receive these benefits from these programs. He gives an estimate of $1 trillion-plus unfunded liability of which he states that Social Security and Medicare are the major parts of. He goes on to state that those who are receiving the benefits from these programs are taking the earnings from a person currently in the workplace.

He continues to criticize these programs and the end result of the problems that will occur because of these programs. He also states that there is a myth of Social Security and Medicare for future generations.

Nowhere in his article does he blame other programs that have caused failures in our system, such as bigger government. The biggest failure for the future generations is that they will continue to pay for is the welfare program. This program in itself has cost billions of dollars of taxpayer money and also the added expense of the same program in benefits above and beyond are causing major problems for this government and the country and its welfare program is the most expensive above any other country for free give-away programs. Also, the billions we give to foreign countries is ridiculous.

So, Mr. Williams, there are far more problems with the cost of this government than just Social Security and Medicare, but you failed to do any type of research on any other subject but those you mentioned.

Those people who are now receiving Social Security and Medicare still need health insurance that they have to pay out of their own pockets. They deserve what they receive because they worked their whole lives, whereas the freeloaders receive better and more benefits than those earned by the working class.

Get your comments straight. I am sure you make more money than those who worked and are receiving Social Security and Medicare.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.