TLC Network: Interim choice is smart move

In the early 1990s, many associated with WCA Hospital in Jamestown were none too pleased when John Galati left the organization.

At that time, WCA was going through major administrative changes. Galati eventually moved on to become president and chief executive officer of Clifton Springs Hospital for 18 years until leaving earlier this year.

Now, he is being charged with overseeing the TLC Network in an interim chief executive officer capacity. TLC oversees the Lake Shore Health Care Center, which is slated to close in January.

“There may still be opportunities to provide local access to quality health care services in this community,” Galati said in a news release. “From my first visit to Lake Shore, I have been impressed with the caliber of the staff and their welcoming nature. I can also see the commitment and dedication that the employees, medical staff, volunteers and board members have for this facility and this community. I have heard several stories about the community’s strong support of Lake Shore, as well. My goal is to bring the various stakeholders together to develop a common understanding and direction for the future of TLC and improve communication at all levels. We need to define the next steps as the entire process moves forward.”

No one wants the Irving facility to close. And, maybe, with a fresh set of eyes that are familiar with other small hospital operations in New York state, changes can be made to keep the facility operating, even if it is in a different manner.

We believe this appointment is a necessary and important step.