Hanover board mulls updating comprehensive plan from 2000

HANOVER – It has been 13 years since the town of Hanover developed a comprehensive plan.

At a recent town board meeting, Councilman Kevin O’Connell proposed revisiting the plan.

In 2000, a consulting firm developed the comprehensive plan for the town with the intention that it would be updated every 10 years.

O’Connell said he thinks the plan should be updated in the new year.

Planning Board Chairwo-man Carol DePasquale agreed, saying she thinks a committee could update the plan without the help of a consulting firm this time.

“We can work from what we have,” she said.

No action was taken on this at the meeting.

The planning board also recently hosted Lisa Schmidtfrerick-Miller from the Chautauqua County Health and Human Services Department, who explained the town could receive funding for projects.

DePasquale and O’Connell mentioned making the business corridor of Route 5/20 safer for pedestrians headed for work and businesses through the installation of sidewalks.

“People in Irving and from as far as the reservation walk on Route 5/20 to get to work or to the businesses that keep popping up there. I think sometime in the future there will be a need for sidewalks,” DePasquale said.

O’Connell said he thinks the town should take advantage of the funding if it can since it will no longer be available after next year.

Schmidtfrerick-Miller said she would help the town put together an application for project funding and could help them incorporate this goal for safety on Route 5/20 into its comprehensive plan.

Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo reported the grant application for the dredging project was submitted to the Department of Environmental Conserva-tion, the agency distributing the state funding.

Legislator George Borrello, who is also the chairman of the Lake Erie Management Commission, said the commission met with a representative from U.S. Congressman Tom Reed’s office. He said dredging is on Reed’s agenda and Borrello hopes federal funding might also be secured for the project. He said they still hope to be able to dredge next spring after Barcelona Harbor, so that the equipment is still in the area and can translate to a possible savings for the project.