Collins board votes against swearing in Vogtli early



OBSERVER Staff Writer

COLLINS – The open seat on the Collins Town Board will be staying vacant until year’s end. A motion to appoint a councilman was defeated by a vote of 2-2.

Former Councilman Robert Gaylord resigned and Janet Vogtli won in the November elections to fill the open seat. Supervisor David Tessmer wanted Vogtli to fill in until Dec. 31. Councilman Mary Clark said by starting early, Vogtli will have a “head start.” Vogtli did run and win in the election and the town board is not appointing a stranger to the board.

“It will give her a heads-up on the board and will give her a head start,” Clark said.

Tessmer added he would like to see Vogtli “hit the ground running” and by adding her to the board, the vacancy, which accounts for 20 percent of the board, would be filled.

Councilman Ken Martin believed the position should remain vacant. He said by doing so, the town would see a savings of $800.

“By leaving it vacant … would be a small dent in the shortfall (of the budget),” Martin said.

The board was split when it came to approving the motion with Martin and Councilman Mary Stelley voting against. The motion was defeated and Vogtli will be sworn in as councilman in January.

The board also discussed proposed changes to the town code, specifically the zoning and transfer station. Tessmer said the current code, as written, only limits use to town residents. The proposed changes include commercial and institutional properties. Tessmer also said there is no definition of e-waste or cathode ray tube TVs as pertaining to the transfer station. CRT TVs are non flat screen TVs which will no longer be accepted for disposal without a fee. The town also discussed having more official zoning maps to show town boundaries.

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