Sheridan man gains approval for home gun business

SHERIDAN – At the Sheridan Zoning Board meeting, Bernard Garrasi got what he has been waiting for since October.

The board approved by a 4 to 1 vote allowing Garrasi to have his gun business moved to his home.

Kirk W. Gugino was the lone zoning board member who voted against it.

Garrasi had a rifle business for 20 years in Evans and reportedly is a well-known and well-liked man in the community. He asked in October to move his business to his own home under the special use permit to have a home occupation.

Garrasi’s daughter said her father is doing this for a hobby and only sells to people he knows.

“It is his hobby and passion, he is very safety conscious and is not interested in any foot traffic or attracting attention,” she said.

Garrasi is a former firefighter and sells mostly to firefighters or member of law enforcement. Garrasi said he had a large double door safe to keep his guns and ammunition safe and would stick to the regulations.

The board said he would not be allowed to alter his home and he would not be allowed to sell handguns under the Safe Act.

“I don’t deal in handguns,” Garrasi said. “I have dealt in long guns for 20 years.”

Garrasi said he works out of a catalogue that his customers choose from and they all have to go through a background check first.

He orders all the guns and picks them up for the customers.

Some of the rules brought to his attention by the zoning board were he would not be allowed to have tests done on his property; he would not be able to put bars on his windows or alter his driveway to look like a parking lot; and finally, he would not be allowed to put up a sign on the street.

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