TimePieces celebrates the art of great tea

The warmth and aroma of a cup of tea soothes the soul and brightens the day. Tea is available in a seemingly endless variety of blends and making a cup of tea may seem as easy as putting a tea bag into a cup of hot water. However, making a great cup of tea is truly an art form. On Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., TimePieces is hosting Lana’s Tea on the Road. Lana from Lana’s The Little House will showcase a variety of her world-class tea blends and will also teach the proper preparation of a great cup of tea.

“People frequently ask me to bring my teas on the road and bring the blends to their location. There is an art to making a great cup of tea and I like to share that skill with others so they may enjoy tea as much as I do,” said Lana Lewis, founder of Lana’s The Little House. “I affectionately call my customer base ‘tea junkies.’ But even folks who are not really into tea enjoy learning the art of great tea,” she continued.

Lewis will have sniffing tins available allowing shoppers to smell the various tea blends such as black, green, oolong and white from great tea estates around the world. Lana’s tea blends come from the finest tea gardens around the world located in Asia, Kenya and the Pacific Rim.

Barbara Sam, owner of TimePieces, said, “I’ve known Lana for many years and she is passionate about her tea. She is our local expert on tea. We are so excited that she has selected TimePieces as a venue for Lana’s Tea on the Road.”

TimePieces is carrying a selection of Lana’s The Little House teas through the holidays. Available blends are Snowflake, Chocolate Cherry and others. This special event takes place during the FestivalsFredonia Miracle on Main Street event happening around the village of Fredonia on Saturday. TimePieces is located at 23 White St. in Fredonia or visit at