Appreciating what God gave us

Let’s talk about Thanksgiving. What does the word mean to you? It means different things to different people. To some, it’s a religious celebration. These people thank God for all the blessings or all the good things in their lives. They give God all the credit. On the other hand there are many people (too many) who take credit for all the good things in their lives.

The Pilgrims thanked God for their successful harvest. They started the whole thing.

How do I count my blessings? I start with my head. Thank God I have hair and know how to take care of it most of the time. When I can’t I have Carol and Sandy. They both used to work for us and Sandy even opened up a shop across the street!

Here’s a little game you’d like to play. Every time you do something to your hair pretend you had gone to a beauty shop and put the money you saved in a milk bottle. Learn to trim and clean up your husband’s and children’s hair and add that money to the bottle. Then when you want to splurge on a special occasion, take the money out of the bottle!

Now let’s take inventory of what’s on the head. On the top, inside the head, is the brain. What a precious gift that is! That’s where we make our decisions that move us into action. That’s where the imagination is! Don’t you love to pretend? I used to pretend I was Rita Hayworth and dance up a storm! And of course, I’d sing like Judy Garland. Later when I went to school, my brain helped me learn things, retain them and use that knowledge.

Next come the eyes. I was grateful I could see, and for all the colors in my eyes, like blue and gray and green. I wanted big eyes, but nobody asked. I also wanted long eyelashes. I used to lament to my mother, “Why didn’t you give me long eyelashes?” When I was older, she’d say “Well it was dark, and we couldn’t see what we were doing.” She had such a good sense of humor! She was the light of our lives, always smiling and doing things for others. A woman like that made a home.

Next comes the nose. I love the smell of fresh flowers, green grass and food cooking (especially spaghetti sauce!). These are just a few of the good smells that exist. Then there are the smells that tell us to take out the garbage, or to throw away rotten food. We need these smells too. And I’m so glad we have two holes in each of our noses, because when one side gets clogged up, we can still breathe through the other side (God sure knew what he was doing!).

Now let’s appreciate our ears. I love music. I have even learned to like opera. I love it all. Except for one category that I don’t consider music; that’s rap. I also love the sounds of nature. I have always loved wind. My mother said when I was a child I used to try to catch the wind with my little hands.

Of course, we need our ears to learn. We can hear communication. We can understand. We can accept the differences of the many cultures in the world. We can hear danger approaching, like speeding cars.

Lastly, we come to our mouths. Of course, to hear some men tell it, it’s the largest part! What would happen if teachers couldn’t talk, or their students couldn’t respond? We can make peace or war with what comes out of our mouths. And of course, let’s not forget eating! We need our mouths for that!

We’ve touched on the highlights of all the parts on the head and on the face.

Before we leave the topic of the body, let’s give thanks for our hands and feet. Think of the food we prepare with our hands, the cleaning we do, the building, the lifting, the repairing, the instruments we play to bring joy to other people – and let’s not forget the other types of artists. Art in its many forms feeds our souls.

I think of Josie Christopher and her friends in the Circle of Love who knit and crochet lap robes, hats, scarves and shawls for people in need of warmth and comfort. Hands can be so useful, and we have the power to decide how we’re going to use those hands.

Lastly, our feet take us where we want to go. We use them for exercise and we use them to go places and interact with people. Men and women play sports and get great joy from that activity.

Just look at all the blessings we have in our bodies! They are so precious! Do we take them for granted or do we appreciate them, take care of them and respect ourselves and others?

Do you remember how many times I’ve told you that when you hear “I wish I had (something)” to write it down? Maybe someone will make it or create it. We need new ideas to create new jobs. Here’s one. Recently, I had my rugs cleaned. No one can tell me what I can use in the doorways to protect the rugs. Plastic doesn’t work. We also need something for our traffic patterns. Let’s see what we can come up with. I still wish someone (maybe a scientist) would start a think tank. First write down your ideas and let the scientist evaluate them. Maybe there are some entrepreneurs in the area who could help implement good ideas.

My wish for each of you is that you’ll have a good life!