Silver Creek accepts bid on bags

SILVER CREEK – A singular bid left no options for the Silver Creek Village Board recently.

The board opened the one bid it received for garbage bags from All American Poly for $5,490 for 30,000 bags.

The village has gone out to bid on the bags in the past and has only received a bid from All American Poly.

Clerk Kerrieann Pelletter said the $0.18 per bag price is about what the village has been paying for bags. The board accepted the bid.

The board hired Paul Fisher as a temporary, part-time wastewater operator at a rate of $50 per hour not to exceed 60 hours per quarter. This position will oversee testing and processing to comply with department of conservation regulations until the two village employees can pass the test to be upgraded to level 2A operators.

“We are really lucky to have Paul Fisher. He worked for 30 years in Sherman at their wastewater plant and now he is a trainer. I think he is a good candidate to help us out,” Trustee Warren Kelly said.

The board also authorized enforcement of the new code enforcement fee schedule.

The extension agreement with the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office for police protection in 2014 was approved.

Also, the board tasked the planning board with finding a way to make the board’s policy of no dogs in the fenced-in playground in the ball park enforceable.

Resident Anna Frederickson said not just dog waste violations in the playground need to be enforced but also around the village. She also said quality of life issues like parking violations have not been addressed by the sheriffs as was done in the past.

Mayor Nick Piccolo reported a memo was sent out to all departments asking for no unnecessary spending to be made at this time.

Piccolo also said he sent a letter to the Falconer Village Board, thanking them for their patience and understanding for the village not purchasing the ladder truck.

Piccolo also reported after the holidays, Sheriff Joseph Gerace should notify the village on whether it would like to use the old Silver Creek Police Department as an outpost. Piccolo said the county pays for space based on square foot and there is 1,100 square feet at Silver Creek’s facility – more than in the Hanover Town Hall. He said if the sheriffs decide not to relocate then they will offer it to the State Police and will move the court clerk behind the glass in the office for safety.

Piccolo said the village hall will be selling tickets to benefit Sherman Mayor John R. Patterson Jr.’s fundraiser for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Tickets are $5.

Kelly said notices will be sent out to residents on the west side of the village to disconnect any illegal storm water lines going into the sanitary sewer as part of the DEC consent order. He said residents who do have illegal hookups to the sanitary sewer should call the water/sewer department.

Piccolo said leaf and brush pickup will continue as long as the weather permits. He also said the contractor for the waterline project has been notified of continued resident complaints about uneven spots.

The board will meet next on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m.