Young urges rally attendance

State Sen. Cathy Young is encouraging local residents to attend the rally today in Dunkirk at the Boardwalk Market beginning at 11 a.m.

In a news release, Young noted the community is coming together to raise its voice in support of repowering the Dunkirk NRG plant. Concerned citizens will send a loud and clear message to Albany that the region’s future depends on repowering NRG Dunkirk.

Community representatives will join Sen. Young in rallying to raise their voice on what is at stake – hundreds of local jobs, reliable power, lower energy bills, and the stabilization of our tax base and Dunkirk City Schools for years to come.

In addition, the conversion from coal to natural gas will reduce air emissions by up to 99 percent and keep energy production right here in Western New York rather than importing energy from coal plants in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that do not adhere to the high environmental standards set in New York state.

A decision on the future of the Dunkirk repowering proposal may be made at a state Public Service Commission (PSC) meeting scheduled for Dec. 19 at 10:30 a.m. in Albany. Young noted residents of the entire surrounding region and all of New York state will be significantly affected by the PSC’s decision.

She is urging all concerned citizens to rise to the occasion and join her in making a strong stand for our future, as they did at a PSC hearing at SUNY Fredonia on July 15, and send another powerful message to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the PSC that the community is deeply invested in the future of the area.

In addition to attending the rally, members of the community and citizens across New York State are urged to log on to and send a message to the Governor and PSC voicing their support for repowering. “By entering your name and address, in just a few short clicks everyone’s voice can be counted,” she said.

“With the PSC’s Dec. 19 meeting only days away, it is crucial that the community come together again for an inspiring and moving demonstration of solidarity in support of repowering. Everyone is urged to come to the rally and speak out in loud support of a secure future of good jobs and clean, reliable energy,” said Young.