People’s Column

Ex-city coach speaks out


This letters is in response to the article headlined “Moss relieved of duties as basketball coach” (Nov. 15).

I would like to take a moment to thank the many parents, players, and area coaches for their overwhelming support.

As boys’ varsity basketball coach at Dunkirk High School, I was a strong mentor and positive role model to my student athletes. As an avid proponent of education, I encouraged the students to do their very best in the classroom and to recognize the importance of education in their lives. One of my main goals was to teach students to rise above adversity, stay in school and take pride in their accomplishments. I not only taught them the fundamentals of basketball, but tried to motivate them to have respect for themselves and others.

It seems absurd to me, that a person who worked diligently to accomplish these goals, consistently showed responsibility, and always put the students first, would have his job taken away.



NRG is vital

to area’s future


The environmentalists want NRG to close down our plant event though there is an abundance of natural gas. Over the years they have upgraded the plant to meet standards so apparently they are environmentally minded.

Is it better to get our electricity from coal-burning plants in Pennsylvania? Doesn’t it matter to the environmentalists that shutting down a clean-burning plant will result in air pollution from two or more air polluting plants?

Is it better to devastate our area financially? Is it better to lose businesses that are hanging by the skin of their teeth?

Another thing I haven’t seen mentioned is the animals that would be affected by the closing. With the open water in our harbor, geese and ducks have been attracted here after years of patterning by generations of geese and ducks to food and open water. Will they know enough to go farther south?

What about fishermen? I would think, like my son, how much enjoyment he got catching a beautiful fish off the outlet? He jumped for joy in the middle of winter! What about those of us who like seeing water during a long winter?

We don’t need pollution from Pennsylvania. We need a secure financial future. We need our enjoyment over watching geese and ducks when we go for a ride around the dock.



Get ready to wait for aid at Brooks


Lake Shore Health Care Center should remain open. My family and other people I have talked with, think the current leadership is questionable. When someone offers to buy “your” hospital, they should sit down and talk.

Hospital leaders must have known the facility was going to close when they had the emergency room remodeled with new equipment. It was done on purpose to make Lake Shore go deeper in debt and then transfer that new equipment to Brooks.

The parking lots at Lake Shore Hospital are always full. Brooks doesn’t have that much space to have all those cars there.

Where will all the employees find jobs in our community?

When my husband was in the hospital for a month 2 1/2 years ago, it was full. I’ve been in the ER for an asthma attack and you always have to wait.

It’s not just Silver Creek that’s concerned, it’s all the towns in Chautauqua and southern Erie counties. Even the firemen and ambulance drivers say it’s crucial to keep Lake Shore open. Then they don’t have to travel as far. At Brooks they won’t be able to get the people in the ER as fast as they do here at Lake Shore. The ambulances are going to be lined up at Brooks.


Silver Creek