Forestville: Fantasy idea amid positives

It sounds like a nice idea, but it is an unrealistic dilemma.

During a recent Forestville school board meeting, which was filled with a number of positive reports, High School Principal Patrick Moses made a suggestion of creating a “one-stop shop” so incoming students to the district can see what the district offers. “It is nice to show what we are about and what we have to offer so students coming in can know about our clubs and organizations,” he said.

After further review, hold off on the busy work.


Forestville Central Schools, despite Moses’ statement, is not seeing this large influx of students flocking into the district. In fact, you could make an argument that administrators would probably be busier doing exit interviews with those students who are moving away.

In 2000, the Forestville schools had an enrollment of 686 students. In its most recent report card of 2012, the number had slipped to 544. That’s a 21 percent decrease in enrollment in 12 years.

Who’s moving in if the numbers are drastically bleak?

This is one of the problems with administrators who do not live in the district in which they work. They exaggerate solutions to scenarios that do not exist in the community where they collect their paycheck and do not pay taxes.

So please, Forestville administrators, stick to the basics of education, which is already a struggle in itself. Small districts that continue to decline in enrollment are losing clubs, extracurricular activities, as well as those all-important academic courses.

If enrollment, however, begins to increase due to a school consolidation or a tuitioning effort, our newspaper will be happy to advocate for that “one-stop shop.”