For the Record

Girls High School Basketball

Cass. Valley at Salamanca

Fredonia at Falconer

SW at Silver Creek

Boys High School Basketball

Riverside at Chaut. Lake

Dunkirk at Westfield

Forestville at Panama

High School Bowling

Chaut. Lake at Randolph

Al. Limestone at Gowanda

Adult Pool

Valley Pool League

Week 9 Results and Standings – Team scores are as follows: Beaver Club II is in first with 32.5 wins. Beaver Club I is in second with 26 wins. Witch Kitch II is in third with 22.5 wins. The following had perfect scores of 24: Beaver Club: Jim Klemens & Rich Halpainy BC I. Back Yard: Jeremy Danielson BY I and Rich Milliman (sub). The following had a table run: Jim Klemens.

Gowanda APA League

Standings as of Dec. 7 – Legion Machines, Mike’s PG Team, Jamestown St. Marauders, Twoguns Team, 8-Ball Assassins, Ronnie’s Crazy 8’s, Jamestown Raiders and Jamestown Tavern. Legion Machines win the session. Top Gun: Mike Jemiolo is first in the Purple Tier. Mike Harris is first in the Red Tier. Terry Bridenbaker and Jim Smith are tied for first in the Yellow Tier. Chance Hale is first in the Blue Tier.

For more information, contact David Covert Division Rep at 698-2291.