Abandoned dog found in thermal bag in Lakewood


Special to the OBSERVER

LAKEWOOD-An abandoned female Chihuahua was found along Southwestern Drive on Monday, apparently zipped inside a Coors Light thermal bag and left for dead.

According to Ray Muniz Jr., cruelty investigator with the Chautauqua County Humane Society, the dog was not only extremely scared and very cold when discovered, but standing in its own feces and urine, indicating it had been in the bag for quite some time.

“A short-haired Chihua-hua inside a thermal bag with (freezing temperatures outside) is not a good mix,” Muniz said.

The dog, which was first spotted by a passing driver, was eventually taken in by the Lakewood-Busti Police Department.

After receiving several calls about the dog’s owner, police were able to track down a woman who admitted the dog belonged to her.

According to her statement, it was an “ex-friend” who took the dog and placed it in the aforementioned bag.

Both she and her “ex-friend” are awaiting further investigation. Their identities have not been released.

As for the Chihuahua, the dog is safe and healthy at the humane society, according to Muniz, who said that “she got her spunk back.”

When asked if he sees such animal cruelty often, Muniz said, “Unfortunately, I do.”

“Sometimes, people look at animals and see them as disposable,” Muniz said.

Anyone who witnesses signs of animal cruelty is encouraged to call the humane society’s Cruelty Tip Line at 665-2209 ext. 204.