Common core: Is there another option?

There’s plenty of criticism regarding the Common Core, a new set of standards being touted by the state Education Department and its leaders.

Last week, hundreds attended an event in Jamestown to voice their disagreement over the curriculum to Commissioner John King. We especially applaud Andrew Ludwig, Fredonia Middle School principal, who stated that evening that those making decisions for public schools are sending their children to private schools.

Change, inevitably, is tough to accept. And the change to the Common Core curriculum is something that has many – students, parents and teachers – concerned.

Which brings us to an interesting dilemma. Our lives, while being enhanced due to technology, have become more complex. We have more choices when it comes to communication. Jobs that once took a full eight-hour shift now can be done in one hour due to computer advancements.

Education has to evolve to meet the world’s changing culture. Especially in a society where standards that were not acceptable 20 years ago, such as intentionally poor grammar and misspellings in social media, are now considered the norm.

Is the Common Core the right way to go? We may not truly know the answer for another three to five years.

But change had to happen. Embracing that change is never easy.