Hanover highway superintendent gives beaver update

HANOVER – The town of Hanover is still dealing with pesky critters. Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo gave an update on the beavers in the town during a recent Hanover Town Board workshop. The town recently announced it was having problems with a dam near Mott Road in Irving.

“I wouldn’t say right now that we’re winning the war but I think things have slowed down a bit,” he said. “All and all, we are working on it. We should be able to win the war.”

D’Angelo said he has had a number of people contact him who were interested in helping the town trap the beavers, but D’Angelo said he is going to stick with a trapper he has worked with in the past. D’Angelo said when you get rid of the beavers they will come back in bigger force. He thinks there are numerous beavers working on this dam, since it can be rebuilt overnight, and all the beavers are part of a clan.

D’Angelo also said the town has put up several hundred feet of snow fence throughout the town with help of inmates from the Lakeview Correctional Shock Facility. The town installed 9,500 feet of fence, the most the town has ever erected. D’Angelo praised the correctional facility for sending crews, even double crews at times. The snow fence helps save the town money, according to D’Angelo.

“I honestly do think with the price of fuel, we are saving a pretty good chunk of money. In a lot of places, we can do with a little truck instead of getting one of our big ones out. Those big trucks use a lot of diesel fuel,” D’Angelo said.

He reminded residents to drive safely throughout the winter. The highway department can have all the plows out but cannot keep up with the snow falling sometimes, he said. The town board will also hold a second meeting for the month on Dec. 30 at 4 p.m. A public hearing will start on that date at 4:05 p.m. for proposed local law to change the zoning law for the Routes 5/20 business district. Both will be held at the town hall on Hanover Street.

The town also approved a quarterly agreement with dog control officer Wallace Baker at a rate $637.50 per month. The board is also looking for letters of interest for the planning board. Interested applicants should send a letter of interest to the town clerk at 68 Hanover Road, Silver Creek.

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