Cassadaga receives a remodel

CASSADAGA – Two companies bid on the kitchen remodel during the Cassadaga Village Board meeting Wednesday.

Trustee Ron Dechard had the honor of opening the envelopes to reveal the bids.

Cache Custom Carpentry bid $10,555.25 to remodel the fire hall kitchen.

RN Construction Co. bid $9,495 and won the bid.

RN Construction Co. Contractor Bill Astry said he does not know when he will start the remodel.

The water project is still ongoing and the budget is getting tight. With more than $376,000 available for the water project the board is concerned about being too close.

“We are going to be close,” Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony commented.

“We have a little breathing room,” Dechard replied.

Lazarony spoke briefly of her meeting with Fredonia Mayor Keefe.

“I feel it went well and we will continue to discuss selling water,” she said.

The board approved Superintendent of Public Works Tom Fetter taking the village pickup truck home from November through April if their attorney approves. Fetter requested taking the village pickup trucks home during the winter months so he does not have to use his own.

American Red Cross requested the use of the fire hall in case of emergencies and the motion was granted.

The board spoke of renewing its insurance policy to replace equipment, if needed.

The board members are excited about Christmas in the Park this year and look forward to Santa visiting. Christmas in the Park will be Dec. 15 from 1 to 5 p.m.