Cassadaga: Let district handle building

Cassadaga Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony has made the former Cassadaga Elementary School a priority for her and the village.

Lazarony, who attended a Cassadaga Valley Central School meeting this week, wants the building to remain open and have the gym used as a recreational site for community children. While it’s an interesting suggestion, insurance issues will no doubt become a major concern for the district and the municipality if that is allowed to happen.

“I have talked to a lot of people and the village wants to know what you are going to do with the school?” Lazarony asked.

Enrollment declines led to the district making the right choice to close the building. Now, the district needs to attempt to sell it.

Our hope is the village does not mirror what board members in Sheridan did when it purchased the former St. John Bosco hall. Not only is the town on the hook for purchasing the building, but the planned improvements are costing them as well.

But do not bother Sheridan Town Board members with those mounting costs for the improvements. Remember, it’s not their money that is being spent. It’s that magical pot of tax dollars, contributed by residents, that will pay the bills that could have been unnecessary.