Dayton approves preliminary budget

DAYTON – Residents living in the town of Dayton will see a 1.61 percent increase in the preliminary budget for the next fiscal year, the same increase they saw for the current fiscal year’s budget.

The budget totaling $377,433 has a total tax warrant of $272,622 and does not have any significant changes. Highway Superintendent Brian Taber had concerns about replacing tires on the town’s loader. Taber said if he takes the funds out of his machine fund, it will put him right at the budget limit.

“For me to take that out of the budget, it puts me right at the limit,” Taber said.

Supervisor Mark Smith said there is money in the budget under per capita funding. Smith also talked about health insurance for town employees. He said the cost should be decreasing but the policy will expire in April. He said Independent Health, the town’s insurance company, can not predict what the premiums will be for next year so the town will have to “wait and see where it takes us.” During the public hearing, there was no public comment and the board approved the 2014 preliminary budget.

Taber also brought up a concern he has with a snowplow turnaround. There are 15 spots within the town which the highway department uses. There is one near the border of the town of Villenova where there is a problem. A resident wants a pipe in order for the town to still use the turnaround. The town of Villenova gave the resident a length of pipe but then the resident closed off the turnaround, Taber said.

“I don’t want to give him a pipe unless I have an easement,” Taber said.

The town will discuss the matter at the next meeting and will consult their attorney. Dog control officer Kathy Hagner also announced the Erie County SPCA will no longer accept dogs for euthanasia. Hagner only takes dogs for euthanasia if a dog is deemed dangerous. The Chautauqua County SPCA will still take them and it is about $100 per dog. The town attorney will draft an agreement for town board review.

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