Ludwig family traditions

My favorite holiday is Christmas. Traditions make it more fun. One of my family traditions is going to the Botanical Gardens in Buffalo to see the poinsettia display and the trains. Along with this tradition, we also go to the holiday Festival of Lights at the Erie County Fairgrounds. After this we always go out for dinner.

The first thing we do is drive to Lackawanna with my whole family. We go to the Botanical Gardens and enjoy the warm, moist atmosphere inside the domes. We like to look at all of the holiday decorations, the flowers, the trains and the room where Santa Claus sits in his big throne. We also like to play the giant checkers game and hide from everyone else in the secret little arbor by the trickling fountain. Sometimes there is a light show in the main dome and it’s fun to sit and watch the lights shine on the roof and over the poinsettias.

After we leave the Gardens we drive to the Hamburg Fairgrounds. We love to see all of the Christmas decorations and lights as we drive through. Last year we saw real live reindeer (which I tried to kiss) and got to go on all of the rides inside the exhibition building. The best was the igloo bounce house!

The last thing we do on this special night is go out for dinner. There are a lot of us; my uncles, my grandpa and grandma, and my mom and dad and sister. We usually need a big table. We always order too much food and end up taking a lot home. But that’s OK because we finish it for lunch the next day!

This is a Ludwig family tradition. We have been doing this for about the last five years at Christmas time. I look forward to it all year long!

Owen Ludwig