How does Santa get up here?

I have always been the easily amused kind – even from my younger days. Although I am not that old currently, growing up in the early to mid ’90s but you get what I’m saying. I never needed or wanted a ton of toys; just give me one fancy or nifty toy and I am happy! Like I said, easily amused. I can remember every year when I was a child being so excited for Christmas to come and to have the joy of Santa’s visit to our house.

I always questioned my mom about how Santa could find our house, among everyone in the world and how he could do it all in one night. My mom explained it was how Santa operated and he could do it all because he was the magical man in the red suit. (I think Santa should market himself as a superhero, but that’s an entirely different topic, perhaps for next year’s section.)

Every year when Christmas Eve would come around, I opened one gift the night before then tried to get to bed early because you know “Santa cannot come if you’re not sleeping,” as my mom would tell me. I would leave out carrots for the reindeer and sprinkle magic reindeer dust on the front lawn. My anticipation to see what Santa would bring me could never be contained, I could never fall asleep.

I can remember waking up several years in a row in the middle of the night, around 3 or 4 a.m. to see if Santa came. If he did, I would of course scream “Santa came!” and my mom would awaken from her slumber to watch me open presents. I would even get to stay up and play with brand new toys – always of the musical variety it seemed – for several hours.

I always wondered how Santa would make it up our stairs (we had no chimney so mom told me he took the stairs) every year without me waking up. I convinced myself as a child he must have flown up the stairs (like a superhero!) to avoid the creaks and cracks of our stairs. I later found out the real story through my ingenious 8-year-old Nancy Drew-aspiring ways. Again, that’s a story for next year along with Santa’s superhero marketing strategy.

I would eventually get tired and fall back to sleep and would awaken in the late morning. Next priority was toy comparison. I would bring all my toys down to my cousin, Joey who lived below us and was 10 years older, so we could compare who got the best gifts. It was an eventful morning and maybe unconventional, but I would not trade it for the world. I would like to apologize to my mom, however, for waking up so early and playing with every musical game/toy I would receive. I’m sure I will get it paid back to me when I have children someday. I’ll be sure to hide the musical toys and games until after breakfast though!

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