Cat treasures

I laughed when I got an envelope in the mail recently addressed to Brenda, Tara and Frisko Butler. Frisko is my favorite cat. Enclosed was a Christmas card and a poem written about “Frisko” by my pen pal Bill Aiello from Howard Beach, N.Y.

The poem was so cute I decided to put it in the OBSERVER; also because I want to make my boyfriend John Raynor jealous! No, John isn’t jealous of Bill! John is aware that Bill and I have been just good friends about 30 years – John is jealous of Frisko! Ha ha. John feels I pay more attention to that cat than I do him. OK, I admit I am obsessed with Frisko with his beautiful blonde hair. He was so adorable as a kitten, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

He used to steal my cloth turkey off my coffee table. He looked so funny walking across the living room with it because he wasn’t much bigger than the turkey. I had to search for my turkey almost daily. After Thanksgiving was over, I put a snowman on my fireplace. There must have been something about that material that attracted Frisko because it was the same as the turkey. It was sort of furry. Every day Frisko would jump on the chair to the fireplace, drop the snowman from his mouth to the floor, jump to the floor then beat that snowman up. Now that Frisko is older he no longer beats up the turkey and snowman. Instead he growls at his sibling rival, Mickey.

A big black allgooty cat, Mickey won’t let anyone hold him but my daughter, Tara. Tara is so in love with Mickey that her boyfriend Bob Taber feels neglected, too. Tara makes Mickey wear a Santa sweater often in December. The problem I have with Mickey is he looks at me like staff and Tara like a princess.

Last summer, I was on the telephone with John sitting in a corner chair in the living room then “WTF” I feel a heaviness on my head? That Mickey went off the bay window, climbed on to my head and jumped off! No respect I tell you! The couch was totally vacant for him to go across. As far as I’m concerned Mickey deserves nothing but a lump of coal for Christmas. By the way, by “WTF” I meant wild thoughtless feline.

I’ve enclosed a picture I took of Frisko in front of my Christmas tree. I admit, even I am jealous of Frisko because he never gets fat. All the other cats are chubby and I’m still walking around with the past few years of Christmas cookies around my waist.

John likes my cat Trixie. She will sit on the lap of anyone who comes to visit us. She deserves a lot of treats for Christmas. And I’m proud to let Bill know that all my cars dance every morning for their meal. They walk in circles and meow at me until I give them food. On Christmas Day, we will hear them sing, “Rock-n-around for Christmas treats, we want catnip for the holiday.”

Enough about my cats. There is no hope of joy except in human relations. I am looking forward to celebrating the holidays with my family, my friends and John. For being with them is the best gift of all. They are the real treasures in life.

Brenda Butler and Frisko