The ‘good old days’

I spent my Christmases in the 1950s in Buffalo.

My Dad would build the most amazing Christmas village on two hinged inside doors with a hole in the center for the tree. Dad started working on it months in advance and sometimes it would be a Christmas scene with ice rinks, houses and the train around the outside. Sometimes it would be a depiction of a vacation to Florida with swimming pools and hotels. No matter what he did you could sit there and look at it for hours and still not notice everything.

We always came out to Dunkirk for Christmas Eve with family and Santa always came while we were gone and we opened our presents then. Our Dunkirk family came out Christmas Day to our house in Buffalo.

I remember when stamps were 3 cents and it must have been enough because the week of Christmas the mail carriers came twice a day. Now with Facebook you can do it with one click of your mouse.

I remember downtown stores with all the windows decorated like masterpieces and the big old shopping bags that got hauled around from store to store. Boy I really miss the old days when Merry Christmas wasn’t politically incorrect and you could express your love and good wishes without causing anyone distress.

Linda Kuschel