There’s two ways to ‘Re-Volt’


I made a sign to wave at the Re-Power New York rally at Dunkirk’s waterfront. It read: “Re-Volt – Pass the Gas.” Last week, I realized this may not be appropriate to convey my personal feelings.

My sign may have been lighthearted, but it would have been no laughing matter if NRG were to be shut down. “Re-Volt” may just be a play on words, but that may be where Chautauqua County is headed!

We are being taxed to death already, which seems like cruel and unusual punishment without having committed a crime! This, along with the impending increase in taxes a shut-down would bring, borders on un-Constitutional!

Maybe Chautauqua County should consider seceding from the state of New York and joining our friends to the west, the great state of Pennsylvania!

It could be time for a “Tea Party” on Dunkirk’s pier! Think back to how our nation began! It would make for a great festival.