City is confused over its priorities


I would like to commend Mayor Anthony J. Dolce for recently standing up to Councilwoman Stacy Szukala.

She is more concerned about part-time hiring for only a few months than she is on repairing the fire department’s buildings, such as leaking roofs and electrical problems. And that’s just the fire department.

Head into the city garage, which has broken-down equipment working with a short staff. The city garage building is in need of repairs, but I don’t see any concerns from Szukala in those regards.

As a member of the library committee, she thought nothing of giving the library another $130,000 with the librarian making $40,000 a year, not counting the employees at the library with their salaries of $148,591 and benefits $17,038 for 10 employees. The actual revenue for the year was $245,816.

The actual revenue for the library, according to statistics, is $185,000 in taxes. Now I ask you, what is more important at this time – the city disposal and filter plants, fire department, city garage and its equipment, or the library?

Szukala questions the fire chief of the cost of the ladder truck. This is a very important piece of equipment and always will be important to this city. Compare that piece of equipment to the library expenses and there is no comparison of the importance of that equipment. I would not criticize the library in normal times, but these are not normal times. Priorities should take place on this council.

I tried to speak to the city clerk on the library issue, but no response. She buzzed the city treasurer’s office instead.

I am not happy with this experience at all. There will be more to follow on this issue, trust me. I will not be ignored when I pay city taxes.

Somebody better wake up in the city clerk’s office. I am not through with them at all.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.