Christmas in 1928

Living on a farm was a very memorable time. Family was Mom and Dad, Grandpa Manning, Little Brother and me.

It was a time when life was not too easy because our country was in a deep Depression, but we were warm and fed and happy.

Christmas was fast approaching. Mother kept Nelson and me busy, cutting strips from wall paper catalogues to make colorful chains for the beautiful hemlock tree that was standing in a corner of the living room. Twisted crepe paper adorned with stars and bells hung from the ceiling. We were ready for Santa.

Christmas morning, awakening to delightful aromas from the kitchen informed us that Santa had already stopped by, so sleepy-eyed, we made our way to the living room.

My eyes, I’m sure, must have doubled in size, for standing under the tree was the most beautiful doll with long, dark curls. She was dressed in exquisitely made, beautiful clothes. Some time later I discovered that Mother had hand-sewn them from scraps of material that she had collected.

Little brother Nelson, 4 years old, was excited to find a wind-up tractor that climbed over objects in its path and provided many hours of fun. And a set of Lincoln Logs to build his “pretend” farm.

Submitted by Dianna Fox Williams of Mayville

Written by the late Coralie McBratnie Fox