Silver Creek village board wraps up business for the year

SILVER CREEK – For its last meeting of 2013 the Silver Creek Village Board wrapped up business.

Mayor Nick Piccolo updated the board on several projects.

He said water line replacement project contractor Vizone Construction has leveled off work areas as best as they can.

“They will return in the spring and the first thing they want to start with is finishing the landscaping,” Piccolo said.

Piccolo also reported that water meters are being installed until Friday and then will begin again on Jan. 6. Although 80 percent of residents have responded to mailers, he encouraged anyone who received a postcard and has not set up an appointment to do so.

The water/sewer department has been busy this year addressing inflow and infiltration problems in the sanitary sewer in order to help with compliance with a Department of Environmen-tal Conservation consent order.

Piccolo said most residents and businesses have been cooperative and this problem has improved. However, some residents question if a storm drain has always been hooked into the sanitary sewer, why it has to change.

“Even though it has been that way, the laws have changed and now all residents have to follow the code,” he said.

Piccolo said the village is also looking into selling some of the timber on village properties including the reservoir outside the village. The board was told timber prices are expected to drop in the spring, so it would be in its best interest to sell now.

Trustee Warren Kelly asked if the board needs to get bids on the timber. Piccolo said it just has to get quotes and determine if they are acceptable.

The board also approved two agreements.

The first, with Simmons Recovery Consulting to try to recover undisbursed Federal Emergency Management Agency funds from a flood in 2009. Piccolo said the village sent out five letters to similar consultants and Simmons was the only one to show interest. The village hopes this will help recoup the funds used to purchase lost equipment, repair the village hall and purchase the department of public works building in the aftermath of the flood.

The second contract approved was with NOCO for utilities. Piccolo explained the agreement is for one year at a fixed rate. He said if the board wanted a two-year agreement it would be at a variable rate.

The winter plow schedule has begun and leaf and brush pickup has ended. Residents are asked to no longer put out leaves and brush until after plow season.

Board members wished residents a happy holiday and safe travels. Piccolo thanked village employees for their hard work plowing and working with him throughout his first year as mayor. He also thanked the board members for working together on issues in the past year.

The next village board meeting will be held Jan. 6.

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