Club News

Brocton sorority meets

Members of the Brocton Preceptor Beta Epsilon Sorority met recently at the Portland home of Valerie Lis with Dottie Frontuto serving as co-hostess for the evening.

A thank you note was received from the Fredonia Opera House for the groups’ recent donation. A donation has also been sent to the local food pantry.

The ladies made final plans for their annual Christmas party which will be held at the home of Judy Travis. Members are to bring a dish to pass, a gift for their Secret Sister and an ornament for exchange. Hot apple cider and dessert will be provided by Travis.

President Janice Hipwell won the On-Time gift.

Ms. Lis presented a timely program for the evening, “Thanksgiving Etiquette and Table Setting Guide”. She also instructed members on the art of making a Turkey Napkin, which members attempted to make. Everyone agreed it was an interesting and fun program.

The next regular meeting will be on Jan. 14 at the home of Marie Zambotti. She will be hosting a “Movie Night” for the group.

Westfield sorority holds Christmas party

Westfield’s Laureate Alpha Pi Sorority held its family Christmas party on Dec. 8 at the YWCA. Santa and Mrs. Claus were on hand to give out gifts. A complete lasagna dinner with appetizers and many delicious desserts was enjoyed by all. The members and children made paper chains to decorate the tables and the hall. The evening concluded with warm wishes to all for a happy holiday season.

Lake Erie Bird Club learns about finches

The recent meeting of the Lake Erie Bird Club was conducted by John Ruska.

Members shared recent bird sightings.Observed around the Dunkirk harbor were several Horned Grebes, Hooded Mergansers, Bufflehead, Black-crowned Night Herons, Snow Buntings, and Common Loons. Hundreds of Bonaparte’s Gulls have been at the Barcelona Harbor. Red-breasted Nuthatches have been observed at feeders in the area. Beverly Ruska, magazine librarian, encouraged members to borrow the many magazines available.

Other items discussed included the installation of a Peregrine Falcon nest box on one of the stacks at the Dunkirk Power Plant and the Christmas bird count.

Dr. Terry Mosher presented the program, entitled “Gifts from the Winter Finches.” Finches provide colors to brighten our winter, action at our feeders, challenges to hone our identification skills and food for the imagination that includes the birds’ long-distance travels, summer homes and summer companions. These finches include Common Redpoll, Pine Grosbeak, Purple Finch, Red Crossbill, White-winged Crossbill, Hoary Redpoll, Pine Siskin and Evening Grosbeak. These finches are irruptive species that move south in the winter in search of food when they need it. This year Canada’s northern forests have abundant food so fewer numbers of these finches will move south to southern Canada and the United States. Members were encouraged to let other club members know if they do see any of these species. In addition to showing photos of each finch he also showed photos of the landscapes where they live in the summer and the other plants and animals that would be in their summer habitats.

Refreshments were provided by Joanne and Tom Goetz.

Members have the opportunity to sign up to participate in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count on Jan. 1. For more information, call 673-1627.