Dunkirk Town pushes forward with plans

During a special meeting, the Dunkirk Town Board decided to work on a comprehensive plan and the water district to provide a water service area.

In an effort to improve the health and the environment of town residents there will be an investigation into the development and funding of a water system.

The State Environmental Quality Review Act states that there will not be any significant adverse impacts brought on by the project.

A resolution stated the town of Dunkirk would act as the lead agency in the SEQR to develop Comprehensive Town Water District, Water Service Area No. 1.

The plan to create the water service area entails constructing a public water supply system of approximately 12,700 linear feet of water main piping along South Roberts Road, Greenhurst Avenue, Franklin Avenue and New Road.

The board also resolved to allow the planning board to hire a contractor for development of a comprehensive plan.

Planning Board Chairman Vincent Vecchiarella and Planning Board Member Jay Warren said they want to work on this comprehensive plan by January.

“I want to move forward with this plan,” Warren said.

“I want to select the contractor and get this on its way by the next meeting,” Vecchiarella said.

Councilman Juan Pagan commended the planning board on all their hard work in getting the project underway.

“This will enhance our town and is something we all need,” Pagan said. “I would like to hire someone by next month and see this project move forward.”

Supervisor Richard Purol said he appreciates how the project is going.

“It is nice to keep the engineers on board and working on the project,” Purol said.

The Dunkirk Town Board will have its organizational meeting Jan. 21 at 7 p.m.