HOSPITAL: Leadership still in hiding

It’s time for the hospital to go on an image campaign.

On Monday, the Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York announced its Lake Shore Health Care Center had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. How was this important announcement done? Through a press release.

When Lake Shore Health Care Center’s closing was announced – a very important announcement, it was done through a press release.

When former chief executive officer Jonathan Lawrence was relieved of his duties in March, it was done through a press release.

Nobody wants to be accountable on the hospital board or administration. Everything is done – especially the bad news – through a press release.

It is time for a community meeting on what is happening. For many residents here, it appears the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is pulling the strings.

With a lack of accountability – and only press releases being filtered to this newspaper as well as other media organizations – perception of this community is becoming reality.

It’s time we heard from hospital leadership. It’s time community residents had questions answered.

Lake Shore apparently is on pace to lose $9 million. The time for hiding is over.