Our dilemma with Congress


It was reported this week that the House of Representatives worked for only 126 days this year in Washington with 239 days off; passing only 55 bills. The previous least productive House was in 1995 when 88 bills were passed.

Next year’s calendar calls for only 114 session days; giving them another two weeks off; or 251 total days off. You may say they work when they are back in their districts but in order to get real work done they must be in session, in Washington. (That last thought kind of made me chuckle).

Now that begs the question: Is all that time off good or bad for the taxpayer? I’ve got two views on the subject. First: If they are “part time,” should they be receiving full-time salary and benefits? Second: Should we not complain about the number of days they spend in Washington as they can do less damage to the country by not being in session.

So many questions, so few answers.