Snowplows were slow to respond


The lack of snowplows on Wednesday, Dec. 11 is completely unacceptable. As residents of this county, we pay a hefty amount in taxes that are supposed to provide the basic services, such as removing the snow from the road.

I live in Brocton and work in Dunkirk. Amazingly, I did not see a snowplow on my way to and from work. The roads were treacherous. I passed an individual going 25 mph on the way to work and maxed my speed out at 35 mph. On a rare occasion, we were told to leave work at 4 p.m. while it was still light because the weather was terrible.

The ride home was adventuresome. I witnessed several vehicles that had slid off the road into the ditch. The conditions were ripe for a fatal accident because more than a usual number of tractor trailers were using Route 5. Being in a small Saturn, I feared I may slide into the path of an approaching semi.

Where is the regard for safety? There were weather warnings all over the news. The 6 to 8 inches of snow should be something the village and county should have been prepared for. If these public employees are magnifying their importance by not doing their jobs, they should be replaced. There are plenty of people looking for work and I am sure they could do a far better job for a fraction of the cost.