Shakespeare Club celebrates Penelope’s unique creativity

The Fredonia Shakespeare Club met recently for its ninth regular meeting of the 2013-2014 year at the home of Mrs. Julian McQuiston. Club President Mrs. Robert Woodbury presided.

Keeping with the theme for the year “Creativity & the Spark of Genius,” Mrs. Julian McQuiston presented her paper entitled “Creativity on a Small Scale, but No Less Important,” which she summarized as follows:

Most creative people leave their mark in some way on their fellow man, in their writings, their art, their ideas, their actions and intentions, and their influences, great or small. I chose to emphasize creativity on a smaller, but no less important, scale. My good friend, Penelope, is a person who aptly fills that bill, as an artist, a writer, and a lover of nature. She is a fellow member of my Writer’s group, a group of extremely talented women, any one of whom would exemplify the definition of a creative person. I am extremely grateful to her for letting me “interview” her.

Her answers to my questions revealed how her love of nature gave emphasis to her poetry and prose and her textile sculptures.

She said, “The creative process, for me, is a process of discovery. It begins with and is nourished by awareness that the quality of imagination is inextricably linked with nature. Imagination arises directly from my awareness in nature. As much as ‘beauty’ is characteristic of place or person or thing, beauty is, too, that inner sense we have at the moment we see that we are no larger, or smaller, or other than an integral part of whole of nature. Paying attention to the wild world, we see the earth’s materials and processes continually turning out the miraculous. To this we bring our personal experience. What we choose to do, and how we choose to be, generates the dynamic between these natural and constructed worlds. The dynamic is everything.”

These lines of enquiry have led to publication in quality journals, including the “Christian Science Monitor,” a book of poems, and exhibitions of her fiber art.

Mrs. McQuiston was assisted at the tea table by President Woodbury and Mrs. Brian Woods.

At the next meeting of the club, hosted by Mrs. Brian Woods, at the Literacy Volunteer Headquarters on 4th and Washington Streets in Dunkirk, Dr. Virginia Horvath will present her paper “Creativity and Collaboration: Twyla Tharp.”