Powerful plows clutter sidewalks


Earlier this month I shoveled my walk, which had a light dusting of snow on it. Then the plow on the city truck that has that wing on it threw all the heavy wet slush right from the roadway onto my sidewalk up to my porch steps. My steps are approximately 21 feet from the curb. That slush was very heavy. I cleaned the sidewalk – again.

I usually put a snow berm on my lawn to protect my walk but there was no accumulation.

This past snowstorm, Dec. 11 and 12, the regular plow came through and nothing got tossed on my walk.

I know it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to clear his walk from the snow, but the stuff from the road is unnecessary.

Please, if you have to have that county plow with the wing in the city, go slower so as not to punish the homeowners.