Heavenly Guardians watching over Northern Chautauqua Catholic School

On Nov. 1, Northern Chautauqua Catholic School students, faculty and administrators celebrated All Saints’ Day by attending Mass at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. As a school community, we came together to remember those who have passed away who had worked at NCCS.

During Father Dennis Riter’s homily at Mass, Principal Georger presented a new banner for the school. The banner says, “Heavenly Guardians Watching Over NCCS.” The banner was blessed by Father Dennis.

Mr. Tabasco, a teacher at NCCS, described the blessing of the banner saying, “It showed that we are a true family. Certainly it was great to see those people who have dedicated their lives to be honored in a special way with a blessing, because all of those people gave us their blessings. So, it was very nice that we could honor them.”

After Mass ended the NCCS school body gathered in the school gymnasium as the banner was hung up on the wall. It was hung between other banners that were dedicated to those who had worked for the school, including Theresa Scholand, Pamela Clemens, Gloria Popielarz and Catherine Wojcinski.

Madeline Gokey from the eighth grade commented, “I thought it was a great ceremony because it was a nice reminder that we have special people watching over us.”

“It brought back a lot of good memories of the teachers I knew, like Miss Clemens and Mrs. Scholand. It’s nice that not everyone who had known them for as long as I did can still pray with us,” added Grace Pucciarelli, from the eighth grade.

The banner will continue to hang on the wall in the gymnasium as a reminder of the guardians who are watching over NCCS.