‘For it is in giving that we receive.’

This wisdom spoken by St Francis of Assisi has already been instilled in the hearts of Joe and Erin Seminatore’s two daughters.

Joanna, 10, and Rhiannan, 8, asked their friends in turn, on their birthdays, to bring kitten food to their parties instead of gifts, so they could donate the food to Westfield Stray Cat Rescue.

Erin, a volunteer at WSCR, said “The request for cat food on their birthdays was not a surprise, because the girls often help with chores at the shelter on Sunday mornings.”

Erin added, “We foster kittens for WSCR when needed.”

Donations of Purina cat and kitten chow, canned cat food, scoopable litter, catnip, treats, and cat toys (especially the Bergon Turbo Scratcher toy) are listed on WSCR wish list.

The Thrifty Kitty located at 57-59 E Main St Westfield is WSCR’s secondhand store. At this time, they also have a Christmas annex. Information about adoption or donation can be obtained there.