DMS students and new member help Circle of Love

Due to downsizing, comfort pillows have not been available from the local knitting, crocheting, sewing and loving group Circle of Love. Pillows have been created by Josie Christopher, the group’s driving force, as needed. What a surprise Christopher and the other members got on Dec. 4, when Michelle Cerrie, the Home & Careers teacher at Dunkirk Middle School, delivered 75 pillows to the Care Center where Christopher works. These pillows will be dispensed to those in need of comfort, along with prayer shawls. More than 20 of the pillows were delivered to Brooks Memorial Hospital’s surgery waiting room. Barb Pietro, RN, accepted them with a smile. Everyone at the COL is happy to have these pillows to give to those in need. COL members, along with Cerrie’s students, certainly share the “joy of giving.” All of the volunteers and those who donate to the COL are a powerful source of love and comfort in the community. Some of Cerrie’s students even wrote about how donating the pillow made them feel. Their comments are below:

“We all felt very good making the pillows.”

“I feel like doing more for people and making a difference.”

“I loved making these pillows; I felt great.”

“I felt great when I was able to make a pillow.”

“I felt very giving and thankful they could be happy because I hardly give to people.”

“We felt generous and caring.”

“We felt very generous making these pillows knowing that they would cause a smile on somebody’s face.”

“I felt generous giving while making these pillows. It was almost like Christmas spirit!”