Christmas is about love

‘Tis the season to be: shopping frantically, making cookies for holiday cheer, rushing about for best bargains, using the Internet, sending cards via the Internet or regular mail, decorating the home (inside and out), planning parties, being short tempered, cooking holiday feasts, feeling tired, cleaning up after any event during the holiday, making the family be elves of doing whatever, being the hostess/host with the “mostest,” having more obligations that can be managed and have a “Merry/Happy Holiday.”

Is that Christmas or some kind of madness to discourage peace, joy and love? Unbelievable demanding behavior that makes many wish it were all over. People have so much to deal with their financial restraints that excessiveness of having things causes some people to feel inadequate and unable to provide (a way to show love). All of these demands do make for anxiety and depression. If one focuses on having or not having then this principle hits the poor hard as well as seniors. The adage “Keeping up with the Joneses” comes to mind.

Let’s be in control of our destiny and no longer be a pawn to the 1 percent. The current conditioned need to possess has made an unnecessary demand on one’s pocketbook. There is no shame of having less and using things more. Take the pressure off and make Christmas a time to love, give, serve and be at peace. Yearly, there is a food drive plus other gift giving efforts, but, it is also a practice time to be in contact with others on a human level.

In San Antonio, Texas, every year, Mr. Jimenez had been paying for a community bash with a Thanksgiving feast plus other food items, presents and entertainment which had been open to all. This tradition has been carried on by a legion of people plus extended into the Christmas season which speaks to being one in Christ’s spirit of giving. Having attended and helped with this massive effort of love, there was no better place to be. Families were encouraged to open their homes to the military as a host, too. Wow, a time to share, give and love one another.

Being a part of the community in celebration does make a connection and it encourages concern for one another. As one looks at the family, that nuclear unit has been changed into more and more single parent units and the absence of a two parent family can create stress.

What a wonderful joy to have families paired up to provide support, love and being in a harmonious setting! Too many aggressive examples in this culture can lead to overload of negativity and not enough of sharing and caring.

Make this year’s Christmas one of bountiful love. As the Christ Child gave all the chance to be redeemed, it would be an excellent gift to reestablish one’s humanity toward all. The time to act is now and follows the example of giving of self to others as Christ did. Season’s greetings is hollow. This expression just takes God’s magnificent presence out and lessens any meaning to this very special time.

May God bless and keep you in His Divine will. … Amen

Jeanne Polisoto is a Hanover resident.