Ninety minutes of noise on Dunkirk railroad

Ring-a-ling. Hear them ring. For 90 minutes straight.

Many annoyed residents in the city of Dunkirk Monday night were forced to endure the piercing sound of a train whistle coming from around the Fourth Ward area.

One resident from the First Ward, who declined to be named, said the train had stopped on the railroad tracks near the Nestle Purina PetCare Co. factory.

“The police told me … that there was some kind of malfunction with the train and that they had notified CSX and they were waiting for a crew to come and disconnect it,” she said. “That’s all they told me.”

“It went on and on,” she added, referring to the whistle.

Fourth Ward Council-woman Stacy Szukala said she had received a number of calls from residents concerning the whistle.

“It was coming from the area of the seven tracks out by Middle Road, and what I was told by the police department was … they thought there were some young adults looking for trouble over in that area, and that’s all I knew at the time.”

The whistle lasted from 9 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., according to a Lord Street resident.

A police report was not on file at the Dunkirk Police Department Tuesday morning regarding the incident, but a police car was dispatched to the scene after several complaints came in.

CSX officials were not in the office Tuesday to comment on the incident.