Sean Patrick McGraw to release new album

County music fans can look forward to a new album from a familiar face.

Sean Patrick McGraw will be releasing a new album. The album, titled “Hard Way to Make an Easy Living,” will be released within the next month.

Fans can expect an album with more soul, according to McGraw, in addition to more ballad songs. McGraw said he tried to be himself on the album and not sound like any other artist.

“The only thing I had to guide me was I tried to make a record that had some soul and I didn’t want to sound just like everybody else. I just tried to be myself on it as much as I could and hopefully you assemble a bunch of songs that people will like,” he said during a telephone interview. “I just tried to sing the way I sing without trying to sound like anybody else and put my heart into it.”

The album is named after a song on the album which does not have any specific meaning, McGraw said. He said the song is about how his career in country music and how it’s not always an easy road.

“It’s just basically a song about the background, behind the scenes of what I do in my life. I always thought this would be easy but right now I’m sick because I was visiting radio stations all last week. I love doing it and I love playing but sometimes you just over extend yourself and get worn out, McGraw said.

His new single off the album, “I’m that Guy” was written in about 45 minutes by McGraw and two others. He said it was written backward, by country music standards. The norm is to write lyrics first then write the music.

“I started with the music on that (song) and I don’t even remember how, to be honest, I came up with that hook ‘If you’re that girl then I’m that guy.’ Sometimes you just channel what the gods give you that day,” McGraw said.

A full-length music video for the new single will likely be filmed in January. He expects the video will make it to major music networks. He added it’s a bit strange to see himself on TV.

“So far every video I’ve released has gotten on the big country channels,” said McGraw. “I’ve seen myself on GAC and CMT before. The weird thing about seeing yourself on TV and hearing yourself on the radio, it usually takes me a minute to even realize that I’m watching myself. Beyond that, you go ‘Well, cool. They’re playing it.'”

Recording the album has been finished and artwork is currently being finalized. McGraw said he has no plans to hold a CD release party locally, stating he’d rather “make more of a splash online.” McGraw will perform locally throughout the area but will have more frequent shows in summer with plans to hopefully play at the Dunkirk Pier and Merritt Winery. He was grateful and thankful for all the support he receives from back home.

“I really appreciate the support that I get here in Dunkirk, Fredonia and Western New York in general. You’re really great to me and I really appreciate it,” McGraw said.

Once released, the album will be available on iTunes for purchase. For more information or a listing of upcoming shows, visit or find him on Facebook.

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