CLCS performs random acts of kindness

Peer Educators at Chautauqua Lake Central School challenged each other, their classmates and their teachers to reach out to help others in “Random Acts of Kindness” this holiday season.

A huge snowman in the main entry to the secondary school documents their efforts.

Each student or teacher attached an index card explaining an act of kindness.

The good deeds included helping another student with homework, lending a gym shirt, making up with a former friend, picking up trash in the corridor, and assisting a crying child. Several individuals held doors or helped carry groceries, especially for their elders. Others helped around the house with chores such as cleaning, fixing a truck, or packing a little brother’s lunch.

Hugs and foot rubs for family members were more personal expressions of kindness.

The advisors of the peer education program are Ashley Muscarella and Emily Perkins.