Holiday Homes


TJ McDonnell, 5970 Webster Road

Mark and Patty Robbins E. Main Road

Duane Fitch, 133 Lake Ave. Lot 22


William and Wende Adamczak, 825 Washington Ave.

Ken Tarnowski, 11225 Urban Road

Gene Tarnowski, 10848 S. Roberts Road

Don and Donna Horton, 625 McKinley Ave.

Mark and Benita Gilsinger, 129 S. Serval St.

Ken and Dar Szymczak, 40 Sobieski Ave.

Mark and Lynn Wisniewski, 17 Webster St.

217 Mullet St.

249 Franklin Ave.

131 Ruggles St.

46 E. Green St.

119 Townsend St.

Mark Zielinski, 70 N. Martin St.

Kenny and Amanda Long 129 Frazier Street, Dunkirk

Francis family, 919 Central Ave.

Joseph DePasquale, 129 S. Margay St.

Lights and Music, tune radio to 100.1, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Todd, Jennifer, Andrew Ellman, 3705 New Road, Dunkirk


Charlie and Claudia Coniglio, 10663 S. Roberts Road

Leonard and Laura Truby, 16 Cushing St.

Ed and Suzanne Koning, 22 Cushing St.

Brett and Jen Christy, 21 Bradish

Bill and Susie Rickard, 9425 Fredonia-Stockton Road

Dave and Mary Haight, 13 Reese Parkway

Kevin and Sharon Cloos, 5 Johnson St.


Sherm Bailey, 11 3rd St.


Jack and Kim Newton, 11877 Main St


J.B. and Melinda Bell, 4425 Webster Road


Pat and Dan Thompson 8881 Pecor St.


John and Colleen Yerico, 3186 E. Main Road

Smitty’s Grape Farm, Joe and Sue Smith, 12040 Aldrich Road.

Silver Creek

Laura and Dave Coia, 11698 Hanover Road

Tim and Karin Braidich, 17 Andrus St.


Dave and Peggy Wilson, Route 380


R.J. Augur, 9 Cass St.