Twenty years ago – 1993

Student of the Week is Allison Olczak, a senior at Westfield Academy and Central School. She is president of the National Honor Society and treasurer of her class. Active in chorus, Allison played the lead role in the school musical “Oklahoma.” She also participates in varsity basketball, softball and volleyball and varsity football cheerleading. The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Olczak of Westfield, she plans to pursue a degree in political science and language.

Thirty years ago – 1983

Dale Hartlieb, a Gowanda school teacher, has adapted computers to meet the specific needs of physically handicapped persons. He has a personal interest in his work because his son, Lee, has a severe physical handicap as the result of a freak accident in 1980. One of the first adaptations Mr. Hartlieb developed was made with a part of a large plastic syringe, which he modified for use as a push button device to allow responses to messages flashed on a computer screen.

Forty years ago – 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Graham recently entertained 20 guests at an “old-fashioned Christmas party” at their home on Main Street, Silver Creek. Andy Hawke, C.E. Kaufman and Mrs. James Willett won prizes for a game called “Old Stuff.”

Fifty years ago – 1963

Members of Junior Girl Scout Troop 240 sponsored by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Silver Creek, have been scheduled to appear on the Uncle Jerry Show on Channel 4. Leaders Mrs. Frank Flitt and Mrs. George Dattilo will chaperone.