Continued hope for a hospital


From disparaging cessation to constructive transformation. That is our sincere hope for the New Year 2014. This is precisely the decisive direction folks are looking forward to with respect to Lake Shore Hospital.

The Lake Shore Facility is noted for its excellence of professional care, and splendid comprehensive in-patient and out-patient health services. A broad geographical region of folks from Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and southern Erie counties are deeply dependent upon this facility. They are citizens who are sincerely hopeful, that prudence in wisdom will prevail. These citizens, many of whom are rural folks, are … the very young among us, to the most advanced in age … and all other ages in between.

A waiting public is depending upon bold, wise transformational decision making with respect to Lake Shore Hospital. A waiting public is optimistic that prudent decision makers are courageously creative and distinguishably insightful in their decision making, so that moral authority will prevail and thoughtful conscientiousness will triumph.

You know, therein is the fabric of “noble leadership for which a virtuous America has been noted.” May the same be said in the future with respect to the present by the continuation of health services at Lake Shore!