‘Amazing things’ were happening

There was a time when Dunkirk, N.Y., was known worldwide for its giving spirit.

After World War II, the city’s population was nearly 20,000. In 1946, our city rounded up donations of food, tools, toys and household items for the French seaport bearing its name. The city later helped Poland.

And, in 1947, Anzio, Italy was the benefactor of the city’s good will.

“This past week Dunkirk did it again,” stated the editorial of Dec. 9, 1947, in the Wausau, Wis., Daily Record Herald. “The residents of this little upstate New York town dug deep into their pockets once more and contributed $115,000 in foodstuffs, factory products and cash for the Italian beachhead town of Anzio. Said the Italian ambassador:

” ‘This is the most amazing thing I have seen since being in this wonderful nation.’

“And he meant it.”