Fire pact needs to be longer than year

This is in response to Mr. Charles Civiletto’s commentary in the Sunday, Dec. 15 edition of the OBSERVER.

First, may I use my theory on how cost of fire protection should be determined? The fire department is not a commodity that is purchased on volume usage. The fire department is similar to an insurance policy that we purchase every year for protection in case of a disaster such as a fire.

The town should be doing the same. If rates go up, we continue to pay whether we have never had a claim submitted to the insurance companies. The fire department is a very essential asset to the town and village.

Secondly, Mr. Civiletto claims that the village is wrong on assessing the town on its total assessed valuation. Once again, let us go back to our insurance policy and see that the premiums are determined on the value of our home. I venture to say that if the town did not have a paid fire department like that of Fredonia, the insurance rates for homes in the Town of Pomfret could be higher than they are.

To satisfy Mr. Civiletto and the Town Board, I could offer two suggestions:

1. Merge with the Village of Fredonia. This will eliminate any and all negotiations regarding contracts of any sort, such as water districts, etc.

2. Town of Pomfret builds their own fire hall, purchases the high tech equipment and hires full-time fire fighters.

After reading this morning’s OBSERVER (Dec. 22), needless to say I was disappointed that the village and town could not come to terms on a fire contract.

However, as former mayor, I firmly agree with the Village Board. You don’t change in the middle of the stream and contracts should be for a longer term than just one year.

Charlie St. George, is a Fredonia resident and former mayor.