Christmas tree removal scheduled

Residents in the City of Dunkirk, Village of Fredonia and Village of Cassadaga can start to put their Christmas trees to the curb.

City residents can call the City Garage at 366-4411 and ask for them to pick up their trees from the curb, or they can take the trees to the Central Garage located on Lucas Avenue and place them in the brush pile.

“Residents can start calling now,” Mayor Anthony J. Dolce said. “They can give the garage their location, and as time allows, the garage will come pick up the trees.”

Residents in the village of Fredonia can take their trees to the Village Barn on Eagle Street and leave them in the brush pile at any time, or they can leave them at the side of the curb and the village will pick them up.

Residents usually throw out their Christmas Trees by Jan. 6,” Mayor Stephen Keefe said. “The village will do a special run to pick up trees and throw them in the brush pile on Eagle Street, or residents can go at any time, since the Village Barn is open 24/7 and do it themselves.”

Residents in the Village of Cassadaga can leave their trees on the side of curb Monday mornings for pick up or they can take them to Alden Street and dump them in the landfill brush pile.

“The village will pick up trees on Monday mornings,” Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony said. “They have a special landfill only for brush and not for garbage where they throw the trees.”